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Cinema: The Whole Story

Cinema: The Whole Story
Cover: Kötött
ISBN: 9780500295274
Language: angol
Size: 172*24
Weight: 1740 g
Page no.: 576
Publish year: 2011
10 790 Ft
9 711 Ft
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Cinema: The Whole Story

"Cinema: The Whole Story" takes a close look at the key time periods, genres and key works in world cinema. It places the burgeoning world of cinema in the context of social and cultural developments that have taken place since its beginnings. Organized chronologically, the book traces the evolution of cinematic development, from the earliest days of film projection to the multiscreen cinemas and super-technology of today. Illustrated, in-depth text charts every genre of cinema, from the first silent films to epic blockbusters, CGI graphics and groundbreaking effects of the 21st century. "Cinema: The Whole Story" is an indispensable book for all those who love watching and reading about films and who want to understand more about the world of cinema.
Publisher: Thames and Hudson
Editor: Kemp, Philip
Category: Film

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