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Pioneer Hungarian Women in Science and Education II.

Pioneer Hungarian Women in Science and Education II.
Cover: Ragasztott
ISBN: 9789634549284
Size: 127*195
Weight: 289 g
Page no.: 241
Publish year: 2023
5 600 Ft
5 040 Ft
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Pioneer Hungarian Women in Science and Education II.

In this sequel to the first volume of Pioneer Hungarian Women in Science and Education published in 2022, editors Réka M. Cristian and Anna Kérchy present the portraits of twenty-two prominent Hungarian women scholars, scientists and educators who made pioneering contributions to Hungary’s scientific achievement over the centuries. Some of the women introduced in the sixteen chapters come from traditional disciplines such as pharmacy, medicine, historiography, engineering, mathematics, archeology, psychology, and philosophy, while others furthered on fields not necessarily viewed, especially at the time, as science or scholarship proper, but which are nonetheless deeply intellectual, such as physical, special needs, reform, or music education, feminism, and historic preservation.
The book offers a bird’s eye view summary of the accomplishments reached and challenges faced by these exceptional Hungarian female academics and intellectuals.

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