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Sustainable City, The

Sustainable City, The
Cover: Fűzött
ISBN: 9780231182058
Language: angol
Size: 23
Page no.: 264
Publish year: 2017
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Sustainable City, The

Living sustainably is not just about preserving the wilderness or keeping nature pristine. The transition to a green economy depends on cities. For the first time in human history, the majority of the people on the planet live in urban areas. If we are to avert climate catastrophe, we will need our cities to coexist with nature without destroying it. Many places are already investing in the infrastructure of the future—including renewable energy, energy efficiency, mass and personal transit, and advanced sewage and waste management—but the modern city still has a long way to go.

In The Sustainable City, Steven Cohen provides a broad and engaging overview of the urban systems of the twenty-first century, surveying policies and projects already under way in cities around the world and pointing to more ways progress can be made. Cohen discusses the sustainable city from an organizational-management and public-policy perspective that emphasizes the local level, looking at case studies of existing legislation, programs, and public-private partnerships that strive to align modern urban life and sustainability. From waste management in Beijing to energy infrastructure in Africa to public space in Washington, D.C., there are concrete examples of what we can do right now. Cohen synthesizes the disparate strands of sustainable city planning in an approachable and applicable guide that highlights how these issues touch our lives on a daily basis, whether the transportation we take, where our energy comes from, or what becomes of our food waste. Providing recommendations and insights with immediacy and relevance, this book has invaluable lessons for anyone seeking to link public policy to promoting a sustainable lifestyle.

Part I: Concepts
1. Defining the Sustainable City
2. Sustainable Urban Systems: Defined and Explained
3. The Sustainable Lifestyle: Defined and Explained
4. The Transition to Sustainably Managed Organizations
5. The Role of Politics and Public Policy in Building Sustainable Cities
Part II: Cases in Urban Sustainability
6. Waste Management in New York City, Hong Kong and Beijing
7. Mass and Personal Transit
8. The Building of the Smartgrid: Cases of Microgrid Development
9. Parks and Public Space
10. Sustainable Urban Living
Part III: Conclusions
11. Toward the Sustainable City
Works Cited

Steven Cohen is executive director of Columbia University`s Earth Institute and a professor in the practice of public affairs at Columbia University`s School of International and Public Affairs. He is the director of the Master of Public Administration Program in Environmental Science and Policy and the Master of Science in Sustainability Management at Columbia. His books include Sustainability Management: Lessons from and for New York City, America, and the Planet (2011) and Understanding Environmental Policy (2014, second edition), both from Columbia University Press.

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