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The Great Wonders of China

The Great Wonders of China
Cover: Ragasztott
ISBN: 9780500297841
Language: english
Size: 129*198
Weight: 328 g
Page no.: 352
Publish year: 2024
6 870 Ft
6 183 Ft
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The Great Wonders of China

The magnificent wonders of China, ancient and modern, revealed by an international team of leading scholars from Asia and the West. China is the oldest continuous civilization on earth and holds a unique global place in the 21st century, this book’s uniquely wide focus shows what makes it such a special country, with topics stretching from the natural wonders including mountains and rivers to the Silk Road, the technological innovations of printing and the compass and the modern vibrant cities of today as well as famous monuments such as the Forbidden City in Beijing and the Great Wall. In this new and updated edition, a team of leading scholars from Asia and the West provide an unmatched account of this vast country.

Beyond the quality of the individual entries, The Seventy Wonders of China provides an unmatched account of Chinese history and culture as well as an essential contribution to understanding and appreciating this vast country.

Publisher: Thames and Hudson
Category: Történelem

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