This year, the trio of Budapest Capital City, the city of Frankfurt, and Atlantisz Publishing House will once again honour the translator of the best academic prose translation or translations of the year. Commemorating philosopher and educator László Tengelyi, who left behind an impressive œuvre and was also one of the founders and authors of Atlantisz Publishing House, the László Tengelyi Prize for Literary Translators comes with 1,000,000 forints in prize money, in addition to a bronze statuette designed by sculptor János Kalmár.

Previous laureates: 

  • Csilla Prileszky
  • Júlia Jancsó
  • Asaf Uri
  • Mária Ludassy
  • Kornél Steiger
  • Judit Horváth
  • István Bárány
  • László Sujtó

Nominations for the prize are welcomed through an open process. To nominate a literary translator for his or her outstanding achievement in translating works in the field of philosophy, history, the theory of art, ancient and classical studies, the theory and history of religion, cultural history or other social studies into Hungarian, please enclose a list of the titles you consider the best work of the nominee, as well as a text you believe to be representative of the translator’s achievement.

Please send your nomination to the following address or email (no deadline): 

Atlantisz Könyvkiadó, 1054 Budapest, Akadémia u. 1.;