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European World 1500-1800 - An Introduction to Early Modern History

European World 1500-1800 - An Introduction to Early Modern History
Borító: Ragasztott
ISBN: 9780415432535
Nyelv: angol
Méret: 24,5
Oldalszám: 379
Megjelenés éve: 2009
7 100 Ft
6 390 Ft
(Bejelentkezés szükséges)

European World 1500-1800 - An Introduction to Early Modern History

The European World 1500–1800 provides a concise and authoritative textbook for the centuries between the Renaissance and the French Revolution. It presents early modern Europe not as a mere transition phase, but a dynamic period worth studying in its own right. Written by an experienced team of specialists, associated with a university module of the same name, it offers a student-friendly introduction to all major themes and processes of early modern history.

Structured in four parts dealing with socio-economic, religious, cultural and political issues, it adopts a broad geographical perspective: Western and Central Europe receive particular attention, but dedicated chapters also explore the wider global context. Thematic priorities include social structures, Reformation change, expanding cultural horizons and the emergence of the modern state.
Specially designed to assist learning, The European World 1500–1800 features:
up-to-date surveys of key topics written by an international team of historians
suggestions for seminar discussion and further reading
extracts from primary sources and vivid illustrations, including maps
a glossary of key terms and concepts
a chronology of major events
a full index of persons, places and subjects
a fully-featured companion website accessible at

The European World 1500–1800 will be essential reading for all students embarking on the discovery of the early modern period.

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