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Franz Rosenzweig - His Life and Thought

Franz Rosenzweig - His Life and Thought
Borító: Fűzött
ISBN: 9780872204287
Nyelv: angol
Méret: 23
Oldalszám: 480
Megjelenés éve: 1998
4 881 Ft
4 393 Ft
(Bejelentkezés szükséges)

Franz Rosenzweig - His Life and Thought

A reprint of the Schocken Books edition of 1961.

“Rosenzweig’s life combined a fabulous spiritual search, a profound engagement with philosophy as well as with Judaism, and enormous accomplishment in the face of overwhelming physical handicaps. His thought is both illuminated by and realized in his amazing life. Nahum Glatzer has brought both the life and the thought together in this marvelous collection. There is no better introduction to this seminal Jewish thinker.”
—Hilary Putnam, Harvard University

“Glatzer’s anthology not only makes available an important array of texts; it also presents Rosenzweig’s life in a way that is as moving as it is informative.”
—Michael Morgan, Indiana University

"This is an excellent and important volume. I’m very glad you have brought it back into print—especially in an edition that is so faithful to the original.”
—Robert Gluck, University at Albany


Foreword to the Third Edition.


I A Student of Medicine, History, Philosophy (1904-1912)

II. Between Church and Synagogue (1913-1914)

III. The Jewish Thinker in the Trenches (1914-1919)

IV. The Sage of Frankfort (1919-1922)

V. Paralysis. Fight Against Death (1922-1925)

VI. The Last Years (1925-1929)

SECOND PART: The Thought

I. The New Thinking: Philosophy and Religion
1. The Personal Standpoint
2. The Old and New Philosophy
3. The New Thinking
4. Between Philosophy and Theology
5. Believing Science
6. Life and Death

II. Renaissance of Jewish Learning and Living
1. On Being a Jewish Person
2. On Jewish Learning
3. Teaching and Law
4. Divine and Human
5. Sermonic Judaism

III. On the Scriptures and their Language
1. The Language of Faith
2. The Function of Translation
3. The Style of Medieval Poetry
4. Classical and Modern Hebrew
5. On the Significance of the Bible

IV. God and Man
1. The Love of God
2. The Pantheon of Today
3. Remote and Near
4. The Name
5. On the Tempting of God
6. The Content of Revelation
7. On the Day of Atonement
8. On Miracles
9. Freedom

V. The Jewish People
1. Living History
2. The Eternal People
3. The Jewish Year
4. Outcast and Elect
5. The Nations and Their States
6. History and the Kingdom of God
7. The Church and the Synagogue
8. The Jew and the Christian
9. The Love of One’s Enemies
10. “Survival”

VI. Zion and the Remnant of Israel
1. The True and False Messiah
2. Prayer for Sacrifices
3. Zionism
4. The Poet’s Reply
5. The Remnant of Israel

Biographical Dates.
List of Franz Rosenzweig’s Writings.
List of Persons.
Selected Bibliography.

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