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La Kantera 1987-2015

La Kantera 1987-2015
Borító: Kötött
ISBN: 9782746684713
Nyelv: angol, spanyol, baszk
Méret: 27.6
Oldalszám: 360
Megjelenés éve: 2015
12 480 Ft
11 232 Ft
In late 1987, and thanks to the initiative of a bunch of pioneering surfers and skaters, La Kantera skatepark was built. The location was the small coastal and picturesque village of Algorta, Bizkaia. In its first years of existence a unique generation of wild skaters took skateboarding to the next level. Legends such as Alain Goikoetxea, Alfonso Lute Fernandez, Txus Domínguez, Gorka Guantez Presencio, Ivan Fano, David Albin Ramos, Jon Ander Txufo Ariño, etc. These skaters turned La Kantera into a highly respected place, and inspired the following generations of young kids, both in Euskadi and the rest of Spain, to truly embrace the skateboard lifestyle.

Almost 30 years later, La Kantera is one of the oldest skateparks in Europe, and is a reference, world-wide, for its creative and radical approach to skateboarding.

The authors of this book, Jon Amiano, Fernando Elvira and Javier Mendizábal, took on the mission to compile, in book form, the photographic memory of La Kantera, along with stories told, simply and purely, by its main actors. The book also benefits from the collaboration of some of the most influential skaters and photographers at international level. People such as Thomas Campbell, Pontus Alv, Bill Danforth, John Cardiel, Coan Buddy Nichols, Arto Saari, Steve Bailey and many others who have visited La Kantera, and are part of the history of this legendary spot.

This project took Javier, Jon and Fernando 2 and a half years of work. It’s been an intensive labor of compilation, documentation and organization of film and digital photography, original artworks, essays and writings from a wide array of personalities. Converse, the sponsor of the book, has helped once again the creative minds in skateboarding to make reality a project so precious and authentic as La Kantera 1987-2015.

La Kantera 1987-2015 is a priceless historical document and its showcases not only some of the best skateboarding ever seen in Spain, but it is also a tribute song to the magic of friendship, self-expression and the search for freedom…the pure spirit of skateboarding.
Kiadó: Sugarcane
Kategória: letmd, Sport, Fot

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