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Orthodox Christianity - A Very Short Introduction

Orthodox Christianity - A Very Short Introduction
Borító: Fűzött
ISBN: 9780190883270
Nyelv: angol
Méret: 109*173
Tömeg: 116 g
Oldalszám: 136
Megjelenés éve: 2019
3 740 Ft
3 366 Ft
(Bejelentkezés szükséges)

Orthodox Christianity - A Very Short Introduction

Details the history, beliefs, and practices of Orthodox Christianity
Dispels popular misconceptions and myths about Christianity`s second-largest denomination
Explores the diversity of Orthodox practice and culture, from Greek to Russian and American Orthodoxy

To many in the West, Orthodoxy remains shrouded in mystery, an exotic and foreign religion that survived in the East following the Great Schism of 1054 that split the Christian world into two camps—Catholic and Orthodox. However, as the second largest Christian denomination, Orthodox Christianity is anything but foreign to the nearly 300 million worshippers who practice it. For them, Orthodoxy is a living, breathing reality; a way of being Christian ultimately rooted in the person of Jesus and the experience of the early Church. Whether they are Greek, Russian, or American, Orthodox Christians are united by a common tradition and faith that binds them together despite differences in culture. True, the road has not always been smooth—Orthodox history is littered with tales of schisms and divisions, of persecutions and martyrdom, from the Sack of Constantinople, capital of the Byzantine Empire and seat of the Ecumenical Patriarch, to the experience of the Russian Orthodox Church under the Soviet Union. Still, today Orthodoxy remains a vibrant part of the religious landscape, not only in those lands where it has made its historic home (Greece, Russia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe), but also increasingly in the West. Orthodox Christianity: A Very Short Introduction explores the enduring role of this religion, and the history, beliefs, and practices that have shaped it.

Table of Contents
List of illustrations
1. In the beginning
2. Byzantines and Franks
3. Constantinople and Moscow
4. Persecution and resurrection
5. Sources of Orthodox thought
6." I believe"
7. One, holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church
8. "We no longer knew whether we were in heaven or on earth"
9. The mysteries
10. "Pray unceasingly"

A. Edward Siecienski attended Georgetown University before earning his M. Div/STL from St. Mary`s Seminary and University and his PhD from Fordham University. He is Associate Professor of Religion and Clement and Helen Pappas Professor of Byzantine Culture and Religion at Stockton University and the author of The Papacy and the Orthodox: Sources and History of a Debate and The Filioque: History of a Doctrinal Controversy.

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