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Outside the Old Testament

Outside the Old Testament
Borító: Fűzött
ISBN: 9780521285544
Nyelv: angol
Méret: 21.6
Oldalszám: 264
Megjelenés éve: 1985
8 771 Ft
7 894 Ft

Outside the Old Testament

This volume gives extracts from and introductions to twelve writings dealing with prominent Old Testament figures. The writings tell what happened to them, what God revealed to them and try to bring home to their readers what can be learned from their example. They give many explicit exhortations; often there is an outlook on the future intended to comfort and to encourage the readers in difficult circumstances. These writings belong to the so-called ‘Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament’, a term used, rather loosely, to cover writings connected with biblical books, personalities or themes, which were not included in the Hebrew or Greek Old Testament canon. The various contributions to this volume, written by experts in the field, aim at introducing readers to this fascinating collection of documents and at showing them the ways to explore this area a little further.

General editors’ preface; Editor’s foreword M. de Jonge; 3. General introduction M. de Jonge; 1. Pseudo-Philo, Liber Antiquitatum Biblicarum Daniel J. Harrington; 2. The Ethiopic Book of Enoch Michael A. Knib; 3. The Testament of Abraham E. P. Sanders; 4. The Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs Harm W. Hollander; 5. Joseph and Aseneth Chr. Burchard; 6. The Book of Jubilees James C. Vander Kam; 7. The Testament (assumption) of Moses John J. Collins; 8. The Psalms of Solomon M. de Jonge; 9. The Martyrdom of Isaiah Michael A. Knibb; 10. The Syriac Apocalypse of Baruch A. F. J. Klijn; 11. Paraleipomena Jeremiou J. Riaud; 12. The Testament of Job Russell P. Spittler; Index.

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