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Chernobyl - 30+ years without humans

Chernobyl - 30+ years without humans
Borító: Fűzött
ISBN: 9780464836032
Nyelv: angol
Méret: 25,2
Oldalszám: 123
Megjelenés éve: 2018
13 450 Ft
12 105 Ft
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Chernobyl - 30+ years without humans

Chernobyl, one of the few places on earth where suddenly time stopped. A place where human life vanished and where nothing, not even nature was supposed to still exist. Now, 30 years after the biggest nuclear disaster that ever happened, nature flourishes. Trees, animals, they recovered and slowly but surely take over what once was Soviet`s modern model city of the East. Walking around here is like walking through a Hollywood film set. It`s as if you walk through a thick forest with cardboard buildings and other film props hidden away behind the trees. One difference from a film set though. These buildings are real, people once lived here. Entering these buildings makes shivers go down your spine. These are the places where you see that time suddenly stopped. People were forced to leave and hardly got time to bring along their most prized possessions. Books, newspapers, photos and even children`s most loved toys and dolls were left behind. It makes you wonder who these people were, who they are today, how did they pick up their new lives and did they survive? Chernobyl is a place that touches you. Sure, we all know more or less what happened in April of 1986, some of you might even remember where you were that day. What I (and many of you) didn`t know was what happened there after the disaster. I`ve been fortunate to see some of what happened with my own eyes and I hope the pictures I took give you a little insight of what happened. This disaster and more importantly, the aftermath is something that should never be forgotten. Even today there are people suffering and children being born with genetic defects and cancers.
Kategória: Fotó

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