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Clichť: Rťsumť - A Decade Plus Deep - 320 Pages of European Skateboarding

Clichť: Rťsumť - A Decade Plus Deep - 320 Pages of European Skateboarding
Borító: Kötött
ISBN: 9781584233756
Nyelv: angol
Oldalsz√°m: 320
Megjelenés éve: 2009
6 000 Ft
5 400 Ft
With 619 illustrations/photos.

Cliché: Résumé spotlights the largest, best known European skateboard brand from its humble beginnings during the days of VHS and Polaroids to the present. Classic skate photography takes center stage with crucial work from some of the industries` most renowned lens-men such as Mike O`Meally, Olivier Chassignole, Oliver Barton, Alexis Zavialoff, Benjamin Deberdt, Fred Mortagne and more.
This epic narrative is given form with a lively text written by Transworld SKATEboard’s Mackenzie Eisenhour. "Resum√©" chronicles the tactics of J√©r√©mie Daclin, as he launches Clich√© skateboards in France in 1997 and pours his heart and soul into a start-up with no money, investors, or even employees. Daclin’s shoestring budget never held him back, as breath-taking tour imagery ranging from Athens, Greece, to New York City, to the island of Sardinia and Italy quickly makes clear.
Interviews, tales of camping in sewer tunnels, rental van tours, and home-cooked meals are all integral to the story of Resum√©. This modus operandi at the heart of Clich√©’s strategy culminates with the Gypsy Tours 1 & 2 — a skateboard "Survivor"-style challenge to team skaters, forced to test their mettle by traveling with no secured lodging on only 10 euros a day. More recently, Clich√© has broken into the American market, just as Daclin dreamed, and now with the release of "Resume", tackles the rest of the world too.

Kiad√≥: Clichť Skateboards
Kateg√≥ria: Design, Fotů, Sport

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Original bauhaus workbook

10%9 144 Ft10 160 Ft

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