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Doing Gender in Media, Art and Culture

Doing Gender in Media, Art and Culture
Borító: Fűzött
ISBN: 9780415493833
Nyelv: angol
Oldalszám: 304
Megjelenés éve: 2009
7 900 Ft
7 110 Ft
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Doing Gender in Media, Art and Culture

Doing Gender in Media, Art and Culture is an introductory text for students specialising in gender studies. The truly interdisciplinary and intergenerational approach bridges the gap between humanities and the social sciences, and it showcases the academic and social context in which gender studies has evolved. Complex contemporary phenomena such as globalisation, neo-liberalism and `fundamentalism` are addressed that stir up new questions relevant to the study of culture. This vibrant and wide-ranging collection of essays is essential reading for anyone in need of an accessible but sophisticated guide to the very latest issues and concepts within gender studies.

Table of Contents
Introduction Part 1: Debates 1. The Arena of Feminism: Simone de Beauvoir and the History of Feminism 2. The Arena of the Body: The Cyborg and Feminist Views on Biology 3. The Arena of Knowledge: Antigone and Feminist Standpoint Thinking 4. The Arena of Disciplines: Gloria Anzaldúa and Interdisciplinarity 5. The Arena of Imaginings: Sarah Bartmann and the Ethics of Representation 6. The Arena of the Colony: Phoolan Devi and Postcolonial Critique 7. The Arena of Sexuality: the Tomboy and Queer Studies Part 2: Disciplines 8. Madonna`s Crucifixion and the Woman’s Body in Feminist Theology 9. The Rising of Mary Magdalene in Feminist Art History 10. Cindy Sherman Confronting Feminism and (Fashion) Photography 11. Peter Pan`s Gender and Feminist Theatre Studies 12. Lara Croft, Kill Bill and the Battle for Theory in Feminist Film Studies 13. Hacking Barbie in Feminist New Media Studies 14. Gender, history and the Politics of Florence Nightingale 15. Hélène Swarth and the Construction of Masculinity in Literary Criticism Part 3: Food for Thought 16. Dympna and the Figuration of the Woman Warrior

"Doing Gender in Media, Art, and Culture` is an indispensable introduction to third wave feminism and contemporary gender studies. It is international in scope, multidisciplinary in method, and transmedial in coverage. It shows how far feminist theory has come since Simone de Beauvoir`s Second Sex and marks out clearly how much still needs to be done." (Hayden White, Professor of Historical Studies, Emeritus, University of California, and Professor of Comparative Literature, Stanford University, US)

"Doing Gender in Media, Art and Culture` achieves the impossible. Miraculously, it brings together an impressive range of material, a sensitivity to multiple histories, a refreshingly innovative approach and a practical usefulness for students." (Professor Mary Eagleton, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK)

"Expanding the trope of the warrior woman to bring Peter Pan into contiguity with Simone de Beauvoir, Sophocles`s Antigone with border poet and theorist Gloria Anzaldua, the early Christian martyr Dympna with rock star Madonna, this volume offers a rousing introduction to Women`s Studies. Not since Judy Chicago`s epic installation, `The Dinner Party` has such a powerfully thought-provoking group (including historical figures Sarah Bartmann, Phoolan Devi, and Florence Nightingale as well as Mary Magdelene and virtual heroine Lara Croft) been assembled in the same space, sparking new lines of thought, while richly acknowledging women`s intellectual and spiritual histories. " (Prof. Marguerite Waller, University of California, Riverside, US)

A szerzőkről/szerkesztőkről:
Rosemarie Buikema is Professor in Art, Culture, and Diversity at the Department of Media and Culture Studies, Utrecht University and Director of the Graduate Gender Programme in Utrecht. She publishes in the field of comparative literature, gender studies, and postcolonial critique. Her latest book is Het Heilige Huis: De Gotische Vertelling in de Nederlandse Literatuur (The Sacred Home: Gothic Narratives in Dutch Literature).

Iris van der Tuin teaches Gender Studies at the Department of Media and Culture Studies, Utrecht University. She is a feminist epistemologist who publishes on feminist philosophy and generations in (academic) feminism.

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