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For Love and Money - New Illustration

For Love and Money -  New Illustration
Borító: Fűzött
ISBN: 9781856696203
Nyelv: angol
Méret: 22
Oldalszám: 328
Megjelenés éve: 2010
6 480 Ft
5 832 Ft
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For Love and Money - New Illustration

Over the past decade there has been a creative rebirth in the practice of illustration; today illustration is everywhere, from global ad campaigns, to the covers of glossy magazines, in animated Hollywood blockbusters and even on the screens of our mobile phones.
Boosted by the art world’s acceptance of graffiti and street art, the ubiquitous nature of foolproof vector programs, the re-adoption of illustration by avant-garde fashion labels, the proliferation of character design in two- and three-dimensions, and the technical capabilities of digital delivery, contemporary illustration has more applications, methodologies and fans than ever before. With modes of production ranging from the re-imagined traditions of drawing, painting and collage, to the wide range of computer-based applications, and a myriad of unique combinations of both hand and digital means, today’s illustrators are breaking the mould in terms of production. All of this makes it more possible for creative individuals to mix self-instigated projects with paid commissions, both to survive financially, and experiment creatively. This book investigates these myriad ways of working and creating, by featuring portfolios of images from a diverse range of more than 80 contemporary practitioners, some of whom have never before been featured in a book. Drawn from around the world, each portfolio will be accompanied by analysis and an interview with the illustrator. Building into a collection that showcases new talent and focuses on current trends, this book offers a definitive guide to illustration in the new millennium.

A szerzőkről:
Liz Farrelly is a design writer and editor, published worldwide. Her book credits include, among others, Scrawl, Scrawl To`, Zine`, Stick ‘Em Up, Brooklyn:New Style, Fashion Forever and onehundredat360º.

Olivia Triggs has worked in the world of photography, production and illustration for over eight years. In 2007 she founded the creative agency Breed, with the aim of bringing a personal and professional approach to a small roster of diverse talents.
Kiadó: Laurence King
Kategória: Design, Képzőművészet

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