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Images of Time, The - An Essay on Temporal Representation

Images of Time, The - An Essay on Temporal Representation
Borító: Fűzött
ISBN: 9780199575510
Nyelv: angol
Méret: 21,6
Oldalszám: 216
Megjelenés éve: 2009
5 525 Ft
4 973 Ft
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Images of Time, The - An Essay on Temporal Representation

- Time is perhaps the most intriguing topic in philosophy
- Written in a lucid and lively style, with vivid examples
- Goes beyond metaphysics, into epistemology, philosophy of mind, and aesthetics

The Images of Time presents a philosophical investigation of the nature of time and the mind`s ways of representing it. Robin Le Poidevin examines how we perceive time and change, the means by which memory links us with the past, the attempt to represent change and movement in art, and the nature of fictional time. These apparently disparate questions all concern the ways in which we represent aspects of time, in thought, experience, art and fiction. They also raise fundamental problems for our philosophical understanding, both of mental representation, and of the nature of time itself.
Le Poidevin brings together issues in philosophy, psychology, aesthetics, and literary theory in examining the mechanisms underlying our representation of time in various media, and brings these to bear on metaphysical debates over the real nature of time. These debates concern which aspects of time are genuinely part of time`s intrinsic nature, and which, in some sense, are mind-dependent.
Arguably, the most important debate concerns time`s passage: does time pass in reality, or is the division of events into past, present, and future simply a reflection of our temporal perspective - a result of the interaction between a `static` world and minds capable of representing it? Le Poidevin argues that, contrary to what perception and memory lead us to suppose, time does not really pass, and this surprising conclusion can be reconciled with the characteristic features of temporal experience.

"Le Poidevin`s Images is a rewarding and imaginative treatment of the nature of temporal representation, nourished with a broad range of examples: perception, memory, pictorial art, and narrative fiction." (The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science)

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