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Indian Food Made Easy

Indian Food Made Easy
Borító: Fűzött
ISBN: 9781844005710
Nyelv: angol
Méret: 25
Oldalszám: 160
Megjelenés éve: 2007
5 020 Ft
4 518 Ft
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Indian Food Made Easy

One of the reasons for the great success of the television series Indian Food Made Easy is Anjum Anand’s clear and straightforward presentation, rendering these recipes manageable (or least convincing us that they are within our own particular range). There is also a commendable avoidance of gimmicks - particularly welcome in an era when TV chefs feel obliged to adopt unusual or eccentric personae to grab attention. And it`s particularly pleasing to note that all of these qualities are in evidence in this book of the series: straightforward, concise recipes (illustrated only with tempting pictures of the food itself, rather than the presenter striking various telegenic poses - she is to be seen on the cover only, admittedly looking Nigella Lawson-like). And given that Indian food is noted more for its delicious taste than its healthy properties, Anjum Anand takes on the negative reputation that the cuisine has in this regard, and comes up with alternatives to the standard high-fat ingredients (that`s not to say that she doesn`t unashamedly tackle such things where necessary - taste is definitely the overriding consideration in this book). And with such recipes as Mangalorean chicken (with its mouth-watering combination of coconut, coriander and large fat red chillies) and wild mushroom and pilaff - all presented in the most accessible and uncomplicated fashion - this book is likely to accelerate the already considerable acceptance of Indian cookery for non-Indian aspirants.

A szerzőről:
Anjum Anand grew up in London and Switzerland, and regularly visits family in Delhi and Calcutta. She has worked in the trend-setting Café Spice in New York and for Tommy Tang and the Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles. Anjum is the presenter of BBC2 s Indian Food Made Easy and has also appeared on UKTV s Great Food Live.

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