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Jewish Budapest - Monuments, Rites, History

Jewish Budapest - Monuments, Rites, History
Borító: Fűzött
ISBN: 9789639116375
Nyelv: angol
Oldalszám: 520
Megjelenés éve: 1998
9 990 Ft
8 991 Ft

Jewish Budapest - Monuments, Rites, History

"This work delivers excellent insight into the past and present, and leaves hope for the future." - Slavic and East European Journal

"The rich variety of photographs, maps and drawings make lore and history come alive. Encyclopedic in scope and detail, this volume will certainly become the basic English text on the Jews of Budapest and Hungary. Highly recommended for large and academic libraries." - Library Journal

"The work will be useful to scholars grappling with Jewish history and Central European identities, yet it may also serve those planning travel or reflecting on their knowledge of this complex city. Excellent bibliography." - Choice

"`Jewish Budapest is not limited to presenting Budapest`s Jewish monuments. It deals also with the background and history of their accomplishment, and with the institutions which established the buildings. The book is a kind of anthology connected with various quarters of the city. In the course of the walks in Buda, Óbuda, and Pest (the latter is presented in various districts) the reader gets a historical retrospect and a good knowledge about Jewsih life and religious customs." - Journal of Semitic Studies

"`Jewish Budapest` amasses huge amounts of information and lore about a city... At its best, the book offers vivid portraits, often with the aid of literary illustrations of the city`s beloved Jewish institutions: its schools, its culture centre, even its one-time kosher restaurants. It also holds out hope that Jewish life in Hungary does have a future." - Budapest Review of Books

"Jewish Budapest chronicals the long history of Jews in this part of Hungary, working their way from a marginal existance literally on the edge of town to an integral part of Budapest...
Also describes much about Judaism as practiced in Europe, not just ritual, but also daily lives of the Jews and personalities and conflicts during the centuries within the community and with their neighbors. The religious information is basic enough so that it can be understood by people with little or no knowledge of Judaism and yet interesting for those well familiar with Jewish ritual and customs. I especially recommend this book to people going to Budapest, people who have visited the city, people with ties to Hungary and history buffs". - Amazon (from a reader`s review)

"No se trata de una obra de ficción ingeniosa que un lector ávido agarra y no puede soltar sino de elementos con la más estrecha pertenencia a la realidad, recreados erudita pero también poéticamente. Este Jewish Budapest es un libro de consulta, para los investigadores que acuden a la biblioteca, interesados en conocer a fondo la gloria y magnificencia de la vida judía en la capital de Hungría." - Maj`shavot (Buenos Aires)


Part 1: Castle Hill Part 2: Old Buda Part 3: Király Street, the ages old Jewish quarter of Pest Part 4: Jewish triangle of Pest Part 5: Erzsébetváros Part 6: Józsefváros Part 7: Terézváros Part 8: The Israelite parish of Pest Part 9: Lipótváros, Új-Lipótváros Part 10: The Külsõ-Józsefvárós Part 11: The neighbours of the parish of Pest Part 12: Pest, 1944, ghetto Part 13: Jewish cemeteries Part 14: Jewish life in Budapest today Part 15: Invisible Jewish Budapest

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