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Kurt Vonnegut Drawings

Kurt Vonnegut Drawings
Borító: Kötött
ISBN: 9781580933773
Nyelv: angol
Méret: 26
Oldalszám: 176
Megjelenés éve: 2014
13 990 Ft
12 591 Ft

Kurt Vonnegut Drawings

Those who know Kurt Vonnegut as one of America`s most beloved and
influential writers will be surprised and delighted to discover that he was also a
gifted graphic artist. This book brings together the finest examples of his funny,
strange, and moving drawings in an inexpensive, beautifully produced gift
volume for every Vonnegut fan.

Kurt Vonnegut`s daughter Nanette introduces this volume of his never before
published drawings with an intimate remembrance of her father. Vonnegut always
drew, and many of his novels contain sketches. Breakfast of Champions (1973)
included many felt-tip pen drawings, and he had a show in 1983 of his drawings at
New York`s Margo Feiden Gallery, but really got going in the early 1990s when he
became acquainted with the screenprinter Joe Petro III, who became his partner in
making his colorful drawings available as silkscreens.

With a touch of cubism, mixed with a Paul Klee gift for caricature, a Calder-like ability
to balance color and line, and more than a touch of sixties psychedelic sensibility,
Vonnegut`s aesthetic is as idiosyncratic and defiant of tradition as his books. While
writing came to be more onerous in his later years, making art became his joyful
primary activity, and he made drawings up until his death in 2007. This volume, and a planned touring exhibition of the drawings, will introduce Vonnegut`s legion of fans to an entirely new side of his irrepressible creative personality.

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