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Medieval Art

Medieval Art
Borító: Fűzött
ISBN: 9780192842411
Nyelv: angol
Méret: 23.8
Oldalszám: 240
Megjelenés éve: 2001
4 819 Ft
4 338 Ft
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Medieval Art

Challenges the distinctions between the Medieval and Renaissance periods, arguing that the Medieval period was steeped in classical learning, and that there was a very strong tradition in Italy for praise of the artist as an intellectual, which predates the Renaissance.
Disproves commonly held views of Medieval art being primarily about church art, and establishes the importance of art in all aspects of life in this period.
Brings issues of contemporary relevance to her investigation of this period - thereby enlivening it for a new generation of readers.

This refreshing new look at Medieval art conveys a very real sense of the impact of art on everyday life in Europe from 1000 to 1500. It examines the importance of art in the expression and spread of knowledge and ideas, including notions of the heroism and justice of war, and the dominant view of Christianity.

Taking its starting point from issues of contemporary relevance, such as the environment, the identity of the artist, and the position of women, the book also highlights the attitudes and events specific to the sophisticated visual culture of the Middle Ages, and goes on to link this period to the Renaissance. The fascinating question of whether commercial and social activities between countries encouraged similar artistic taste and patronage, or contributed to the defining of cultural difference in Europe, is fully explored.

1. A Sense of Place
2. Artists
3. Art and Power in the Church 1000-1200
4. Design and devotion 1200-1500
5. Image and Learning
6. War
7. Pleasures
Bibliographic Essay
Museums and Websites
List of Illustrations

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