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New York Polaroid...

New York Polaroid...
Borító: Kötött
ISBN: 9788889431887
Nyelv: angol, olasz
Méret: 33.5
Oldalszám: 260
Megjelenés éve: 2007
12 920 Ft
11 628 Ft
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New York Polaroid...

200 illustrations.

With this new collection Maurizio Galimberti pays tribute to New York, city par excellence, which with its townscape, its great flow of people and continuous vitality is the grandiose scenario of his new work, carried out in the space of a month and featuring 180 items of individual, diptych and mosaic Polaroids.
Fascinated and at the same time crushed by the imposingness of the Big Apple, the photographer at first fragmented it, by shooting a great number of images, and then recomposed it into an unreal metropolis which, however, surprisingly restores the city’s frenetic spirit. The eye of Galimberti, who has come to be known as an “instant artist”, runs over architectures and people, generating images that are halfway between painting, drawing and photography. The photos are in fact the result of a series of combined techniques: frottage and mosaics. In the first case the photographer cuts lines and signs into the photo using an ordinary toothbrush, thus overturning the meaning of the image or taking to the limits the essence of what is real. In the second he shoots dozens upon dozens of images of the same subject, subsequently creating mosaics that might contain as many as 170 Polaroids.
Born in 1956 Maurizio Galimberti began as a self-taught photographer. His technique, extraordinarily versatile and outstanding on the contemporary photography scene, has allowed him to explore the most varied genres: from portraits to reportage, from travel photography to advertising. He is currently visiting professor at the Domus Academy of Milan, the Italian Institute of Photography in Milan and the European Design Institute in Turin.
Kiadó: Damiani
Kategória: Fotó

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