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Borító: Kötött
ISBN: 9782080304452
Nyelv: angol
Méret: 31.6
Oldalszám: 248
Megjelenés éve: 2004
11 986 Ft
10 788 Ft
Rodin, the first monograph from the Musee Rodin, with an authoritative foreword from its director, is written by the exceptional museum`s leading experts, who have priviledged access to the great works and little-known archival material in Paris and around the world. Rodin created much controversy in his lifetime (1840-1917); his sculptures met with adoration from the avant-garde and criticism from the conservatives. Today he is revered as an outstanding sculptor and a forward thinker whose expressive style foreshadowed modernism and abstract sculpture. All facets of the artist`s life and art are explored in this work, from the artistic context of the day to the intriguing stories behind such major works as The Gates of Hell, and from Rodin`s relationship with Camille Claudel to his sources of inspiration, which include dance, eroticism, and poetry. Personal insights from those in Rodin`s artistic circle offer unprecedented access into his many studios and insight into the master`s studies of his key works.
Photographs commissioned especially for this major publication combine with archival documents to illustrate the master`s rich artistic treasury that includes his unparalleled sculptures, as well as drawings, engravings, paintings, and watercolors. Rodin includes a full listing of the international museums dedicated to his incomparable art as well as a detailed chronology and bibliography.

Kiadó: Flammarion
Kategória: Képzőművészet / szobrászat

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Gothic Sculpture

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