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Advertising for People Who Don`t Like Advertising

Advertising for People Who Don`t Like Advertising
Cover: Fűzött
ISBN: 9781780673202
Language: angol
Size: 24
Page no.: 240
Publish year: 2013
5 430 Ft
4 887 Ft
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Advertising for People Who Don`t Like Advertising

This is a book by a company that dislikes advertising as much as anyone. Nevertheless, it makes adverts. It has worked with global brands to produce fashion collections and promoted a town with a mass wedding. It creates advertising with more human, truthful communications. The company`s name is KesselsKramer.

This book describes how to make something you like out of something you don`t. As well as drawing on its own experiences, KesselsKramer listens and learns from those who doubt the advertising industry. Stefan Sagmeister explains how quitting work makes you better at working; Hans Aarsman discusses authenticity in image-making; and Alex Bogusky looks at ways to help capitalism grow up.

Advertising for People Who Don`t Like Advertising is partly a creative handbook and partly an attempt to make the world a very slightly better place. It`s intended for anyone who has ever hated a web banner or zapped an ad break.

Hardback edition ISBN: 9781856698252

About the Author
KesselsKramer is an international communications agency based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It has been responsible for creating a range of very diverse work in a variety of media. Campaigns include highly creative work for Nike, Audi, Levi’s, J&B, the Hans Brinker Budget Hotel, Diesel and Unilever. As well as advertising, KesselsKramer develops projects for its own imprint, KesselsKramer Publishing, and in 2008 set up London`s KK Outlet which combines a communications agency, gallery space and shop.

Publisher: Laurence King
Category: Design / Reklám

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