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Business Cards 3 - Designs on Saying Hello

Business Cards 3 -  Designs on Saying Hello
Cover: Fűzött
ISBN: 9781856695893
Size: 16.5
Page no.: 272
Publish year: 2009
6 600 Ft
5 940 Ft
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Business Cards 3 - Designs on Saying Hello

With 1000 illustrations.

One of the most ubiquitous pieces of printed matter, the business card presents a unique design conundrum. Constrained by budgetary and size restrictions, how do you present a person`s or a business`s identity and contact details, all in a very small space...and still have some fun? In an age dominated by digital media, the first two books in this series revealed the unique potential of the business card as an opportunity for creative greetings, firmly stamped with the user`s personality. Business Cards 3 features over 200 innovative interpretations of the humble business card from around the world. Collected from designers and clients across the creative industries, highlighting materials, formats and production methods that push the boundaries of this genre, the result is a book full of inspiring surprises.

Publisher: Laurence King
Category: Design

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