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Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources - Fascicule I: A-B

Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources - Fascicule I: A-B
Cover: Fűzött
ISBN: 9780197259481
Language: latin
Size: 30.5
Page no.: 280
Publish year: 1975
19 200 Ft
17 280 Ft
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Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources - Fascicule I: A-B

Eddig XII. kötet jelent meg. 2010 Júlisára várható a következő...

Latin served for 1000 years as the principal medium of writing in the British Isles — the language of St Patrick and Bede, of Domesday Book and Magna Carta, of Anselm and Wyclyffe, Roger Bacon and Francis Bacon.

The Dictionary is an indispensable guide to the study of the Latin Middle Ages in Britain from the sixth century to the sixteenth. It is prepared under the direction of a British Academy committee, initially by R E Latham and now by a team headed by D R Howlett.

The Dictionary both records the usage of Classical and Late Latin in this period, and charts the medieval developments of the language as revealed in a rich variety of printed and manuscript sources. Latin was not static and inflexible, but was as receptive as English was to the needs of everyday life (and to the needs of users often barely literate). Each fascicule contains hundreds of new word formations. Some of the borrowings from other languages are recorded in Latin centuries before their appearance in written vernacular.

The Dictionary is of immeasurable value to all medievalists, as important for cultural history as it is for linguistics. To confirmed dictionary browsers, even those with rusty Latin, it offers many delights.

Fascicules of the Dictionary are published by Oxford University Press.

`Majestic and definitive . . . a great and permanent contribution to medieval studies.`
The Times

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