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Glow in the Dark: Animals at Night

Glow in the Dark: Animals at Night
Cover: Fűzött
ISBN: 9781786035394
Language: angol
Size: 30
Page no.: 24
Publish year: 2019
5 140 Ft
4 626 Ft
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Glow in the Dark: Animals at Night

with a huge Glow in the Dark poster

Meet the animals that come out at night in this nocturnal adventure across the globe’s habitats, including a glow-in-the-dark poster of the deep sea.

See the jaguar prowling the Amazon rainforest, spot the lion pride on the African savannah, and visit a turtle nesting beach under the stars. Then, turn off the lights to see the ocean creatures glow on the 640 × 296 mm tear-out poster. The book’s cover glows in the dark too! (Be sure to charge them in the light first.)

Each spread features an enchanting illustration of a different nighttime habitat animated by a description of the activities of its various creatures, told in lulling prose. Fact boxes call out the names of the different animals and their unique qualities. Learn about the rainforest mammals called kinkajous, who slurp flower nectar by night and nest in tree hollows by day, and the rare and mysterious night parrots, who emerge after sunset in the Australian outback to feed on the seeds of spinifex bushes, among many other amazing nocturnal creatures.

The wonderful starlit habitats you’ll explore:
Australian outback
Mangrove forest
Coral reef

The authors:
CORNELIA LI is a Chinese born illustrator currently based in Toronto, Canada. Her clients include: New York Times, Chicago Readers, PBS Newshour, Reader`s Digest Canada.

KATY FLINT is a children`s book author and editor, based in London. She is the author of the best-selling sound book The Story Orchestra: The Nutcracker, and has worked on many other non-fiction titles – from human bodies to dinosaurs. She has a degree in music and likes playing violin.
Publisher: Wide Eye
Category: Gyerekkönyvek

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