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Graffiti at Its Best - Montanawriterteam

Graffiti at Its Best - Montanawriterteam
Cover: Kötött
ISBN: 9783980990950
Language: angol
Size: 30.4
Page no.: 106
Publish year: 2006
8 470 Ft
5 929 Ft
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Graffiti at Its Best - Montanawriterteam

MONTANA spray paint is probably the world`s most known specialized graffiti spray paint. Since 2000 they support a group of artists which they call the "MONTANA WRITER TEAM." All members - ATOM, CANTWO, DASH, SMASH137 and KENT - are internationally well known and respected artists in the graffiti scene; every one of them has been painting for at least 16 years. Since the team`s foundation, MONTANA has organized wall productions for these artists several times each year all over the world to promote MONTANA spray paint products. Meanwhile the team has been painting together in Germany, Italy, Finland, Russia, Poland, the USA, Spain, Switzerland and Denmark. Currently they plan to go to Asia, South America and Australia.

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