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Minimalism in Photography : The Original

Minimalism in Photography : The Original
+ 3 pics
Cover: Fűzött
ISBN: 9783961714148
Language: english, német
Size: 235*300
Weight: 1696 g
Page no.: 256
Publish year: 2022
20 170 Ft
18 153 Ft
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Minimalism in Photography : The Original

We live in turbulent times, which arouses a longing to pare down to the essentials in many people. The trend towards minimalism is reflected in the worlds of home living, environmental awareness, and mindfulness, to be sure, but it is also reflected in art and photography.

The minimalist photographer's eye directs the viewer's gaze to the aesthetics of the ordinary, transforming them into something extraordinary, something inspiring. The resulting photographs always use clean lines, often arranged in geometric compositions.

Minimalist artists such as Maria Svarbova, Maarten Rots, Matthieu Venot, and Natalie Christensen borrow their motifs from everyday life. They can be schematic depictions of topography, or purely two-dimensional, abstract compositions. Sometimes they are detailed, sometimes large-scale. The point is always reduction.

Text in English and German.

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