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Printmaking - A Complete Guide to Materials and Processes

Printmaking - A Complete Guide to Materials and Processes
Cover: Fűzött
ISBN: 9781856696005
Size: 292
Page no.: 240
Publish year: 2009
6 600 Ft
5 940 Ft
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Printmaking - A Complete Guide to Materials and Processes

Printmaking introduces the student to fundamental printmaking techniques including relief, intaglio, collagraph, lithography, screen print and monoprint and shows how they can be used to achieve cutting-edge results. Since many students are now interested in combining digital media with traditional methods, this book will demonstrate how to use the computer as an image-making tool and translate digital images into tangible works of art.
Each chapter features clear, step-by-step illustrations plus expanded case studies, which help the student understand the technical aspects of each printmaking technique. Also, each chapter features a profile with an international contemporary printmaker, including an interview as well as examples of their work.
Useful appendices featuring troubleshooting charts, which cover the common problems the beginning printmaker might face, as well as sources for further information, complete this useful textbook for beginners.

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