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Queer Budapest, 1873-1961

Queer Budapest, 1873-1961
Cover: Ragasztott
ISBN: 9780226705798
Language: angol
Size: 153*229
Weight: 497 g
Page no.: 336
Publish year: 2020
11 630 Ft
10 467 Ft
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Queer Budapest, 1873-1961

By the dawn of the twentieth century, Budapest was a burgeoning cosmopolitan metropolis. Known at the time as the "Pearl of the Danube," it boasted some of Europe's most innovative architectural and cultural achievements, and its growing middle class was committed to advancing the city's liberal politics and making it an intellectual and commercial crossroads between East and West. In addition, as historian Anita Kurimay reveals, fin-de-siecle Budapest was also famous for its boisterous public sexual culture, including a robust gay subculture. Queer Budapest is the riveting story of non-normative sexualities in Hungary as they were understood, experienced, and policed between the birth of the capital as a unified metropolis in 1873 and the decriminalization of male homosexual acts in 1961.

Kurimay explores how and why a series of illiberal Hungarian regimes came to tolerate, protect, and contain queer life. She also explains how the precarious coexistence between the illiberal state and queer community ended abruptly at the close of World War II. A stunning reappraisal of sexuality's political implications, Queer Budapest recuperates queer communities as an integral part of Budapest's--and Hungary's--modern incarnation.

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