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The Rig Veda: An Anthology of One Hundred and Eight Hymns

The Rig Veda: An Anthology of One Hundred and Eight Hymns
Cover: Fűzött
ISBN: 9780140449891
Size: 129*198
Weight: 262 g
Page no.: 352
Publish year: 1981
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The Rig Veda: An Anthology of One Hundred and Eight Hymns

Sanskrit hymns from the timeless world of myth and ritual.
The Rig Veda (c. 1200–900 BC), a collection of more than 1,000 hymns, represents the first extensive composition in any Indo-European language. Fraught with paradox, the hymns are meant ‘to puzzle, to surprise, to trouble the mind’, writes Professor O’Flaherty, who has selected and translated 108 hymns for this volume. Details of daily life, the rich symbolism and mechanism of Vedic ritual, the pure poetry of the hymns – these elements combine to form a unique insight into early Indian mythology, philosophy and religion.

For the general reader, as well as the scholar, the Rig Veda will be a source of constant interest and pleasure. Professor O’Flaherty’s translation is sound and eminently readable, allowing the hymns to yield up their beauty and their wisdom.

Table of contents
8.30 To All the Gods

10.129 Creation Hymn (Nasadiya)
10.121 The Unknown God, the Golden Embryo
10.90 Purusa-Sukta, or The Hymn of Man
10.130 The Creation of the Sacrifice
10.190 Cosmic Heat
10.81-2 The All-Maker (Visvakarman)
10.72 Aditi and the Birth of the Gods

10.14 Yama and the Fathers
10.16 The Funeral Fire
10.18 Burial Hymn
10.154 Funeral Hymn
10.135 The Boy and the Chariot
10.58 A Spell to Turn Back the Departing Spirit

The Elements of Sacrifice
10.71 The Origins of Sacred Speech
10.125 Speech
10.173 Royal Consecration
10.33 Lament of the Aged Priest
10.101 The Sacrificial Priests
10.117 In Praise of Generosity
10.151 Faith
1.164 The Riddle of the Sacrifice (Asya Vamasya)

The Horse Sacrifice
1.163 Hymn to the Horse
1.162 The Sacrifice of the Horse
10.56 Requiem for a Horse

1.1 I Pray to Agni
1.26 Agni and the Gods
5.2 The Birth of Agni
2.35 The Child of the Waters (Apam Napat)
10.51 The Gods Coax Agni out of the Waters
10.124 Indra Lures Agni from Vrtra
4.5 The Mystery of Agni
6.9 Agni and the Young Poet
10.5 The Hidden Agni

8.79 This Restless Soma
9.74 Soma Pressed in the Bowls
10.94 The Pressing-Stones
4.58 Butter
4.26-7 Soma and Indra and the Eagle
10.119 The Soma-Drinker Praises Himself
9.113 The Ecstasy of Soma
8.48 We Have Drunk the Soma
10.136 The Long-haired Ascetic

4.18 The Birth and Childhood Deeds of Indra
10.28 Indra Chastises His Son
1.32 The Killing of Vrtra
3.31 The Cows in the Cave
10.108 Sarama and the Panis
10.171 Indra Beheads the Sacrifice
8.14 `If I were Like You, Indra`
2.12 `Who is Indra?`

Gods of the Storm
1.85 The Maruts
1.165, 1.170, 1.171 Indra, the Maruts, and Agastya
5.83 Parjanya, the Bull
7.101 Parjanya, the Cow
10.168 The Gale Wind

Solar Gods
1.92 Dawn and the Asvins
1.116 The Deeds of the Asvins
5.78 The Rescue of Atri
5.40 Atri and the Lost Sun
1.50 The Sun, Surya
10.123 Vena
10.177 The Bird
1.42 Pusan on the Road
6.55 Pusan, Child of the Unharnessing
2.38 Savitr at Sunset
1.35 Savitr at Night
10.127 Night

Sky and Earth
1.160 Sky and Earth
1.185 Guard Us from the Monstrous Abyss
6.70 The Two Full of Butter

5.85 The Deeds of Varuna
7.86 Varuna Provoked to Anger
7.88 Varuna the Friend of Vasistha
7.89 The House of Clay
2.28 Varuna

Rudra and Visnu
2.33 Rudra, Father of the Maruts
1.114 Have Mercy on Us, Rudra
1.154 The Three Strides of Visnu

10.9 The Waters of Life
7.49 The Waters, Who are Goddesses
7.103 The Frogs
9.112 Human Diversity: A Hymn to Soma
6.75 To Arms
10.34 The Gambler`s Lament
10.146 Lost in the Forest

10.10 Yama and Yami
1.179 Agastya and Lopamudra
10.95 Pururavas and Urvasi
8.91 Apala and Indra
10.86 Indra and the Monkey
10.40 The Courtship of Ghosa
10.85 The Marriage of Surya
10.109 The Rape and Return of the Brahmin`s Wife
10.102 Mudgala`s Wife and the Bull in the Chariot

Incantations and Spells
10.97 The Healing Plants
10.164 Against Bad Dreams and Sins
7.55 Sleeping Spell
10.145 Against Rival Wives
10.159 The Triumphant Wife
10.184 For a Safe Pregnancy and Birth
10.162 To Protect the Embryo
7.104 The Demons in Hell
10.165 The Dove of Death

1. Abbreviations
2. Dictionaries, Concordances, Bibliographies, and Selected General Studies of the Rig Veda
3. Translations of the Rig Veda
4. Bibliography of Translations and Commentaries on Hymns Translated in This Volume
5. Hymns Translated in This Volume, Listed in Numerical Order, with Opening Sanskrit Phrase
6. Index and Glossary


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