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Textilepedia - Complete fabric guide

Textilepedia - Complete fabric guide
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Cover: Kötött
ISBN: 9789887711094
Language: angol
Size: 145*216
Weight: 714 g
Page no.: 240
Publish year: 2020
14 260 Ft
12 834 Ft
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Textilepedia - Complete fabric guide

TEXTILEPEDIA helps to provide answers for your fabric selection:

The book is here to answer all those questions – and then some.

Packed with need-to-know information about textiles, Textilepedia is a benefit to an array of levels and roles within the fashion industry.

Textilepedia brings a comprehensive knowledge of textile applications to you. From how to choose fibers, the formation of yarns, the characteristics of common fabrics, and the effects of textile finishing, the book serves as an all-in-one textile information hub.

When it comes to understanding textiles, information can be tricky to digest – even for designers who work with materials and fabrics every day. That’s why we made sure Textilepedia is presented in a highly-visual, and easy-to-understand way. By incorporating clear and attractive images, illustrations, diagrams and icons, information is a breeze to read, understand, and remember.

 Chapter 1 - Fiber

  1. How to classify different types of fibers

  2. The history, characteristics, and maintenance of individual fibers

  3. Fiber shortcodes

  4. Alternative substitutions for fibers

  5. Common types of blended fibers

  6. How to distinguish different fibers

  7. Sustainable options for particular fiber 

    Chapter 2 - Yarns

  8. Different yarn-spinning types and their pros and cons

  9. How to calculate the yarn count in different yarn systems

  10. Different types of ply and yarn twists

  11. Common types of complex and textured yarns 

    Chapter 3 - Weaves

  12. How to distinguish between different types of weaves

  13. The thread count system

  14. Principles of the weaving machines

  15. Common woven fabric properties, applications, and variations

  16. The stories of different woven fabrics

  17. Common and alternative choices for particular fabric 

    Chapter 3 - Weaves

  18. How to distinguish between different types of weaves

  19. The thread count system

  20. Principles of the weaving machines

  21. Common woven fabric properties, applications, and variations

  22. The stories of different woven fabrics

  23. Common and alternative choices for particular fabrics 

    Chapter 4 - Knits

  24. Types of stitches, wales, and courses

  25. Yarn count choices for knitting fabrics

  26. Different cutting types for knitted fabrics

  27. The principles of knitting machines

  28. The characteristics, common applications and a knitting diagram of the most common knitted fabrics 

    Chapter 5 - Lace & Netting

  29. Common types of laces

  30. The lacing machine and the timeline of lace

  31. The most common types of netting 

    Chapter 6 - Non-woven

  32. Different production processes and the formation of non-woven fabrics

  33. Common allocations for non-woven and felting fabrics 

    Chapter 7 - Hides

  34. How to grade different types of leather

  35. Classifications of different leathers

  36. Characteristics of common leather types and their common applications 

    Chapter 8 - Finishings

  37. Different dying processes and their properties

  38. Different printing methods and how to choose the right one

  39. Functional and aesthetic finishings for fabric enhancement 

    Chapter 9 - Pattern & color

  40. Names of common patterns

  41. Name suggestions for different fabric colors 

Publisher: Fashionary
Category: Ajánlatunk, Design / Divat

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