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The Glance of the Medusa - The Physiognomy of Mysticism

The Glance of the Medusa - The Physiognomy of Mysticism
Cover: Kötött
ISBN: 9780857426086
Size: 156*235
Weight: 440 g
Page no.: 187
Publish year: 2020
9 940 Ft
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The Glance of the Medusa - The Physiognomy of Mysticism

In The Glance of the Medusa, Lászó F. Földényi offers a mesmerizing examination of the rich history of European culture through the lens of mythology and philosophy. Embracing the best traditions of essay writing, this volume invites readers on a spiritual and intellectual adventure. The seven essays bear testimony to Földényi’s encyclopedic knowledge and ask whether it is possible to overcome our fear of passing away. In doing so, they illuminate moments of mystical experience viewed in a historical perspective while inviting readers to engage with such moments in the present by immersing themselves into the process of reading and thinking.
Rather than providing firm answers to burning questions, The Glance of the Medusa highlights the limits of definition, conjuring up situations in which Man partakes of unutterable experiences—such as passion, pleasure, fear, poetry, or disgust—suggesting that moments of ecstasy cannot be pinned down or captured, only drawn a little closer.

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