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Van Eyck in Detail

Van Eyck in Detail
Cover: Fűzött
ISBN: 9789461300591
Language: angol
Size: 260*324
Weight: 1922 g
Page no.: 256
Publish year: 0
14 650 Ft
13 185 Ft
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Van Eyck in Detail

- Introduction to some of the world's most popular artists, looking at their works in incredible detail - Filled with superbly reproduced full-page, close-up detail, offering new views of some of the world's most popular paintings This fascinating book looks at the work of Jan van Eyck (c.1395-1441) under a magnifying glass. Each panel is a collection of minuscule details rendered with superb clarity from foreground to background - or at least that is the impression at first glance. As this book reveals, that is precisely where Van Eyck's exceptional talent lies: he understood that the human brain is able to supplement visual perception where necessary. Here, details from Van Eyck's paintings are organized by such themes as nature, architecture, daily life, the Divine and humankind. Opening with a biographical note and an introduction on the technique of oil painting on panel, the authors explain the significance of the individual details and how Van Eyck achieved his innovative artistic results. This is an unprecedented look at the work of a popular master. Third, revised edition, with a preface by Luc Tuymans and a catalog of Van Eyck's oeuvre.

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