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About Love and Other Stories

About Love and Other Stories
Cover: Ragasztott
ISBN: 9780199536689
Language: angol
Size: 129*197
Weight: 180 g
Page no.: 256
Publish year: 2008
3 520 Ft
3 168 Ft
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About Love and Other Stories

Raymond Carver called Anton Chekhov "the greatest short story writer who has ever lived." This unequivocal verdict on Chekhov's genius has been echoed many times by writers as diverse as Katherine Mansfield, Somerset Maugham, John Cheever and Tobias Wolf. While his popularity as a playwright has sometimes overshadowed his achievements in prose, the importance of Chekhov's stories is now recognized by readers as well as by fellow authors. Their themes--alienation, the absurdity and tragedy of human existence--have as much relevance today as when they were written, and these superb new translations capture their modernist spirit. Elusive and subtle, spare and unadorned, the stories in this selection are among Chekhov's most poignant and lyrical. The book includes well-known pieces such as "The Lady with the Little Dog," as well as less familiar work like "Gusev," inspired by Chekhov's travels in the Far East, and "Rothschild's Violin," a haunting and darkly humorous tale about death and loss. The stories are arranged chronologically to show the evolution of Chekhov's art.


The Letter
Fish Love
The Black Monk
Rothschild's Violin
The Student
The House with the Mezzanine
In the Cart
About Love
The Man in a Case
The Lady with the Little Dog
The Bishop

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