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Art and Fear and Art as Far as the Eye Can See

Art and Fear and Art as Far as the Eye Can See
Cover: Ragasztott
ISBN: 9781474244107
Size: 139*215
Weight: 190 g
Page no.: 128
Publish year: 2020
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Art and Fear and Art as Far as the Eye Can See

Paul Virilio is one of contemporary continental thought's most original and provocative critical voices. His vision of the impact of modern technology on the contemporary global condition is powerful and disturbing, ranging over art, architecture, science, politics, visual culture and warfare.

In Art and Fear, Virilio traces the twin development of art and science over the 20th century. In his provocative vision, art and science vie with each other for the destruction of the human form as we know it. This is a radical take on the state of art for a post-human and post-historical world. In Art as Far as the Eye Can See Virilio considers the effects that the technological advances of the 20th century have had on art, aesthetics and politics and looks at the way in which these technologies alienate us from our physical environment.

Table of contents

Art and Fear
Translators Preface
Art and Fear: An Introduction
John Armitage
A Pitiless Art
Silence on Trial

Art as Far as the Eye Can See
Expect the Unexpected
An Exorbitant Art
The Night of the Museums
Art as Far as the Eye Can See


Publisher: Bloomsbury
Series: Bloomsbury Revelations
Category: Filozófia / esztétika

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