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The Information Bomb

The Information Bomb
Cover: Ragasztott
ISBN: 9781844670598
Language: angol
Size: 127 * 197
Weight: 177 g
Page no.: 146
Publish year: 2005
4 620 Ft
4 158 Ft
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The Information Bomb

Virilio`s exploration of the relationship between technology, war and information technology.
“Civilization or the militarization of science?”

With this typically hyperbolic and provocative question as a starting point, Paul Virilio explores the dominion of techno-science, cyberwar and the new information technologies over our lives . . . and deaths. After the era of the atomic bomb, Virilio posits an era of genetic and information bombs which replace the apocalyptic bang of nuclear death with the whimper of a subliminally reinforced eugenics. We are entering the age of euthanasia.

These exhilarating bulletins from the information war extend the range of Virilio`s work. The Information Bomb spans everything from Fukuyama to Larry Flynt, the Sensation exhibition of New British Art to space travel, all seen through the optic of Virilio`s trenchant and committed theoretical position.

Publisher: Verso
Series: Radical Thinkers
Category: Filozófia, Politika

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