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Late Marxism: Adorno, Or, The Persistence of the Dialectic

Late Marxism: Adorno, Or, The Persistence of the Dialectic
Cover: Ragasztott
ISBN: 9781844675753
Size: 127 * 197
Page no.: 270
Publish year: 2006
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Late Marxism: Adorno, Or, The Persistence of the Dialectic

A lively and lucid introduction to the work of Theodor Adorno.
In the name of an assault on “totalization” and “identity,” a number of contemporary theorists have been busily washing Marxism`s dialectical and utopian projects down the plug-hole of postmodernism and “post-politics.” A case in point is recent interpretation of one of the greatest twentieth-century philosophers, Theodor Adorno. In this powerful book, Fredric Jameson proposes a radically different reading of Adorno`s work, especially of his major works on philosophy and aesthetics: Negative Dialectics and Aesthetic Theory.

Jameson argues persuasively that Adorno`s contribution to the development of Marxism remains unique and indispensable. He shows how Adorno`s work on aesthetics performs deconstructive operations yet is in sharp distinction to the now canonical deconstructive genre of writing. He explores the complexity of Adorno`s very timely affirmation of philosophy — of its possibility after the “end” of grand theory. Above all, he illuminates the subtlety and richness of Adorno`s continuing emphasis on late capitalism as a totality within the very forms of our culture. In its lucidity, Late Marxism echoes the writing of its subject, to whose critical, utopian intelligence Jameson remains faithful.
Publisher: Verso
Series: Radical Thinkers
Category: Politika, Politika / politikai filozófia

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