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Cover: Fűzött
ISBN: 9780199280353
Size: 21.6
Page no.: 616
Publish year: 2007
15 160 Ft
11 370 Ft
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Represents a great variety of critical approaches
Discusses all the Catullan genres, allowing the reader to approach every kind of poem
All Latin is translated, so the text is accessible to non-classicists
An Introduction by the editor places the readings in their historical and critical context

Oxford Readings in Catullus is a collection of articles that represent a sampling of the most interesting and important work on Catullus from around 1950 to 2000, together with three very short pieces from the Renaissance. The readings, selected for their intrinsic interest and importance, are intended to be thought-provoking (and in some cases provocative) and to challenge readers to look at Catullus in different ways. They demonstrate a number of approaches - stylistic, historical, literary-historical, New Critical, and theoretical (of several flavours). Such hermeneutic diversity is particularly appropriate in the case of Catullus, whose oeuvre is famously - some might say notoriously - varied in length, genre, tone, and subject matter. The collection as a whole demonstrates what has interested Catullus` readers in the last half century and suggests some of the ways in which they might approach his poetry in the future. It is accompanied by an introduction by Julia Haig Gaisser on themes in Catullan criticism from 1950 to 2000.

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