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Cover: Fűzött
ISBN: 9780198721840
Language: angol
Size: 21.6
Page no.: 432
Publish year: 2003
10 114 Ft
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Includes a broad spectrum of Euripidean criticism
Ideal for students
All Greek has been translated

Few ancient authors are as challenging as Euripides, and few have provoked so many diverse critical opinions through the ages: Aristotle described him as `most tragic`, and yet many of his plays have been condemned by critics as barely qualifying as `proper` tragedies at all. In general he has enjoyed a revival in reputation over the last few decades: his manipulation of convention and the skill of his dramaturgy are perhaps more widely admired now than at any time since the Renaissance. Moreover, his exploration of the emotions of the marginalized sections of Athenian society - women, slaves, foreigners - has given his work strong contemporary resonances. This volume aims to bring together for students some classic essays illustrating the main strands of Euripidean criticism over the last forty years. Two of the essays are translated here for the first time, and many others have been revised by their authors. All Greek has been translated.

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